Create VPN from your VPS Within 5 minutes

A VPN connection is essentially needed nowadays, because some of Internet provider might blocking some websites due to censoring or goverment policy. By using VPN, it is also worry-free because the connection we are using to surfing within the internet is 100% encrypted. However, in some cases your internet speed is not fast as you…

Install ZNC on CentOS 7 Minimal

I am going to show you, how to install ZNC on CentOS 7 with minimal template. Some of you might heard this software before, it is quite populer past years back actually. I planned to use ZNC again (after past years) since I really missed IRC world. You guys missed to? Let’s install it.

$1 Cheap VPS by UMax Hosting

First time review for UMax Hosting with around $1 VPS. Some people might asking, is there any cheap VPS in 2019? Yes, if you believe so, then it is there! Introduce UMax Hosting that provide around $1 monthly VPS hosted on Los Angeles datacentre. Let’s find out what’s inside $1 VPS.

Who Is PSK Hosting?

Is started this blog because people within the internet start wondering who is PSK Hosting really is. Cause when a well-known-very-cheap-vps-provider (AlphaRacks) dead-pooled, they are transferring all the accounts (active/passive) and all the informations to this new provider, called PSK Hosting. This name suddenly show up exactly after AlphaRacks died. So let’s dicuss about it….