My VPS Got Crashed After…

So previously I wrote an article about DesiVPS with $3 a month is quite worth to spend. The reason why because they are offering SSD disk which is an advantage than the others VPS providers. But sadly, I got an incident through my VPS.

So back few days ago I wrote that article, but actually I had a service with DesiVPS been quite a while. It is been 3 months I had a service with them and everything is good and as planned.

But suddenly today I realised my $3 VPS down out of reason. So I check history (since they are using Virtualizor) and did not see any high load or high connection based on history. But why VPS suddenly down out of reason?

I sent a ticket to support and less than 1 hour they replied. They had good response ticket so plus on this. They notify me that my VPS unable to boot due to corrupted. Strange…

So suddenly they offered free restore for my VPS as per 2 days back. Then I checked my VPS get back online again, and we are back to business again.


Based on my experience, the reason an SSD disk failing ie. corruption, is due to oversold, and a system administrator should maintain a safe trashold for their environment. Well, overselling is a good way to achieve margin but, a safe trashold is necessary to keep up with as well.

DesiVPS had a good service so far. With $3 free restore and response they have is good point. Some people might say they are bad and scammer. I don’t think so. But it is good to always has a backup for your website.

Hope you enjoy my 3 months review with DesiVPS.

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