LowEndBox.com is Down

One of largest low end budget VPS listing provider, lowendbox got down since last 2 days. It is been observed by someone else (and me) as well and reported within certain forum (I forgot to list the forum name was). Until now I write these article, the site still being down.

The issue also occured for another site called lowendtalk, which is appear down as well from 2 days ago. By history, these sites facing same issue years back then which happen to be ddos’ed by attacker and their IPs come null routed from their upstream provider.

So this time it is actually happen again. Someone or group of users might initiate an attack to them. It is not clear the reason is, but all I can say some people might pissed off when they business are going down due to cheap providers around and destroy the market.

What I can see so far, the website still offline though the status from certain website checker showing online status.


You might think this is actually online, but it is not. Somehow the man who has DNS access managed to change the DNS to Cloudflare as their shield to prevent ddos in the future. However, due to nulled IP address, they need to wait at least 24-48 hours until the attack is finished or mitigated.


All I can say to you guys is to check the website lowendbox periodically and check if website is accessible through your end. I don’t have any ETA for website downtime and I don’t affiliated with lowendbox or lowendtalk.


As I check per September 9th 7.32 AM SGT, lowendbox and lowendtalk website is up.

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