Install ZNC on CentOS 7 Minimal

I am going to show you, how to install ZNC on CentOS 7 with minimal template. Some of you might heard this software before, it is quite populer past years back actually. I planned to use ZNC again (after past years) since I really missed IRC world. You guys missed to? Let’s install it.


In this part, at least you need 256 MB of RAM with enough disk space at least 5 GB free (actually does not need this much), with stable network connection. It does not matter if you only have 1 Mbps (100 KB/secs) the thing is a stable network connection almost the time. Of course using Linux lol.

There are 2 type of installation. We can install directly from repository via yum installer, and we can compile manually through tarball file. This time, I choose install through tarball file.

Before we begin ZNC installation process, let’s make sure you are logged in via SSH as non root user. But make sure the user has a super user access ie. using sudo command. Do not use root user while installing ZNC.

Download latest tarball version here.


Extract the tarball file.

tar -zxvf znc-1.7.4.tar.gz

Move to its extracted directory.

cd znc-1.7.4

Installing required component since we are using minimal os template VPS from CentOS 7. These library is needed.

yum install gcc gcc-c++ kernel-devel

Now let’s continue to configure.


After that compiling the ZNC. It will creating some modules for ZNC feature has. This may take a while, depends your VPS resource. Roughly 2-4 minutes with 1 GB ram and 2 vCores.


Continue… this will install some library to /usr/local, therefore need super user privilege.

sudo make install

Roughly it is done 80% of installation process. Now let’s generate the config file for the first time. Yes, only first time.

/usr/local/bin/znc --makeconf

Fill every single question that system ask to you in order to complete ZNC installation. Example :

  • Listen on port (1025 to 65534): <fill numeric>
  • Listen using both IPv4 and IPv6 (yes/no) [yes]: <enter>
  • Username (alphanumeric): <your-username>
  • Enter password:
  • Confirm password:
  • ……
  • Set up a network? (yes/no) [yes]:
  • Launch ZNC now? (yes/no) [yes]

Now config already generated under /home/username/.znc/configs/znc.conf

Configure Through Web Interface

You can login through web interface to login into your ZNC account. You can configure everything from there, and setup everything as well network you wish to connect.

Go to http://ip-server-or-hostname:<port>/ to login via your web browser. When asking username and password, just fill credential you just signed up above.

Connect to IRC

If you want to connect to your ZNC, you can follow this :

/server <znc IP or hostname> <port> <username>:<password>

Fill IP address as server IP or hostname, with port you just defined on installation.

Connect to your favourite IRC network

You can configure which server IRC and which channels you wish to join by configure the settings within Web interface section. Just click Add and follow the flow.

Or you can connect to ZNC interface via IRC application and type /msg *status help

A bunch of help command line will displayed alongside the descriptions.

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