Install WGET Into Windows

Ever wondering how to use wget (used by linux) can be use also within Windows environment? Don’t give up, we can use wget also within Windows environment. The installation is quite easy and fast. No need advance technical knowledge, just follow the guide accordingly.

Yes, if you are under linux environment, wget used to download file from static link internet. It is used by millions of people until now. And it is very powerful, because there are some features inside. One of features that I love is made my download resumable.

Now open your Windows cmd by click start > search > type cmd > launch cmd.

Next, download wget.exe (I prefer download executable rather than zipped version) from Windows Binaries repo, and download wget for 64 bit version EXE. That is because I am using 64 bit environment.

Go to your cmd and type path. We need to know where default executable Windows binaries stored to. Because it is convenience to run wget any directory path freely. So no need to define wget.exe path.

path execution

From image above, we can see the local Windows binaries is stored to C:\WINDOWS\System32\ so what we are going to do is to copy wget.exe we just downloaded into C:\WINDOWS\System32\ . Yes, in this case Administrator privilege is involved.

After copied, you can type wget -h for list of syntax command any path folder as long via cmd interface.

Now you can use wget via cmd.

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