Create VPN from your VPS Within 5 minutes

A VPN connection is essentially needed nowadays, because some of Internet provider might blocking some websites due to censoring or goverment policy. By using VPN, it is also worry-free because the connection we are using to surfing within the internet is 100% encrypted. However, in some cases your internet speed is not fast as you expected when you are using VPN.

OpenVPN Fact

One of software that provide free VPN is OpenVPN. It is free and quite lightweight. However, you can also use commercial version of OpenVPN let say you are too lazy to configure the VPN for your workstation or office. More about OpenVPN can be found in Wikipedia.

Install in 5 minutes

Download the script and execute.

wget -O

Follow the direction of installation interface. I usually use default setting they already set. For example: Port I am using is 1194 with UDP protocol. DNS I am using is using Current System Resolvers.

Last thing, when asking for client name profile you choose what you want.

Around 1 minutes is needed to generate all the configuration of OpenVPN and a file called profile.ovpn will be created, depends your profile name defined before.

Import to OpenVPN Profile

After everything is in order, copy the new created profile OpenVPN to your device. And import the profile to your OpenVPN. Finally, you will be able to connect to your own VPN.

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