USB Flash Disk Format Explained

Today I am going to discuss a little about some formats that available when you plugged in USB Flash drive to one of your server or laptop (basically using Linux). In this case you are going to copy over backup files more than 100 GB to that Flash Disk. So what we can do?

Install WGET Into Windows

Ever wondering how to use wget (used by linux) can be use also within Windows environment? Don’t give up, we can use wget also within Windows environment. The installation is quite easy and fast. No need advance technical knowledge, just follow the guide accordingly.

BunnyCDN: Boost Your Website Significantly

Looking for premium CDN for your budget yet free trial? I would recommend BunnyCDN. It is not they endorse me or what, it is just their service is awsome yet very affordable in pricing. What’s more, BunnyCDN easily integrated with WordPress.

Create VPN from your VPS Within 5 minutes

A VPN connection is essentially needed nowadays, because some of Internet provider might blocking some websites due to censoring or goverment policy. By using VPN, it is also worry-free because the connection we are using to surfing within the internet is 100% encrypted. However, in some cases your internet speed is not fast as you…

Install ZNC on CentOS 7 Minimal

I am going to show you, how to install ZNC on CentOS 7 with minimal template. Some of you might heard this software before, it is quite populer past years back actually. I planned to use ZNC again (after past years) since I really missed IRC world. You guys missed to? Let’s install it.