BunnyCDN: Boost Your Website Significantly

Looking for premium CDN for your budget yet free trial? I would recommend BunnyCDN. It is not they endorse me or what, it is just their service is awsome yet very affordable in pricing. What’s more, BunnyCDN easily integrated with WordPress.

This particular CDN honesly catch my eyes while they offer a 14 days free trial for new subscription. I was said, “Oh well, it’s free anyway. I am going to use it because it’s free”. I was like, “Well, all the CDNs has same method in order to optimise and powerise each websites”. But once using BunnyCDN within a week, something is different. I would say BunnyCDN has a true concept of CDN function that I used so far (other than Cloudflare.

They categorised the continent into 4 which are Europe / North America, Asia & Oceania, South America, and Africa. Each region has different pricing chart. See details below (as per 13 July 2019):

Europe & North America $0.01 /GB
Asia & Oceania $0.03 /GB
South America $0.045 /GB
South Africa $0.06 /GB


B-cdn (aka BunnyCDN) is different than another CDN. Somehow it boost my website significantly while check using Gtmetrix. You will end up your website result score with A rank and the score almost 100.

They also provide video delivery via HTTP which needed by some website that has videos on it. Not mention it, not all CDN also provide this kind of service. As we know, video streaming via HTTP consume quite large of bandwidth.

You only pay-as-you-go. No need to buy per website subscription. It is simple, because you pay what you used for. Refer to price range above, if you are live in Asia continent, each GB bandwidth you paid is quite cheap. To be honest, with $10 you deposit for premium, you can use your credit until a year.

Speaking about free, you get 14 days free trial for test purpose. Easily add websites for free for 14 days, after that need to charge your account via credit card credential.

Easy to configure especially when you are using WordPress cms. Thats a huge advantages. No need to configure anything, just install plugin and set your own hostname settings created within the pull zones b-cdn.


Point of presence each continent still quite few. Don’t campare with Cloudflare, which is big company that has so many point of presence world wide.

The payment only accept credit card credential. It does not accept another alternative payment ie. Paypal, Bitcoin, or something else. It is good to add another alternatives payment to reach larger scale of customers.

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