$1 Cheap VPS by UMax Hosting

First time review for UMax Hosting with around $1 VPS. Some people might asking, is there any cheap VPS in 2019? Yes, if you believe so, then it is there! Introduce UMax Hosting that provide around $1 monthly VPS hosted on Los Angeles datacentre. Let’s find out what’s inside $1 VPS.

Recently I bought their $1 VPS that hosted on Los Angeles datacentre with suprise. VPS provider that provide around $1 or $2 monthly price, usually they will sell the price on yearly plan. However, UMax Hosting choose monthly plan instead. So for those who has small pennies, can also buy this plan. It is affordable.


With around $1 monthly VPS plan, you will get 2 GB RAM, 60 GB disk with 3 TB of monthly quota. It is a good deal. Don’t forget, they are using OpenVZ with RAID-10 storage disk.

So what range price they have else? Let’s say I need 4 GB RAM, more disk and much more…

Here is the list table.


Don’t worry to wait for long, because this host is instantly created and activated once you have paid the invoice. So worry-free activation 🙂

Control Panel

UMax Hosting VPS control panel

Example picture of control panel of UMax Hosting, it is built in within client area. Basically I can easily reinstall this VPS anytime with any template OS they provide.

If you need TUN/TAP whether they support it or not, the answer is YES. You can turn on TUN/TAP configuration easily through client area. By default, it is disabled.

Sent to your email, you also will get SolusVM login panel as well. Some of providers that provide cheap price usually don’t do this.

Bench Test Result

What I get for that $1 monthly VPS from UMax Hosting? I tested using bench script. See below.

Bench.sh result

So based on the bench.sh result, we got some important informations here. First, they are using Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3 processor with 2 virtual cores on it. Which is they good, as they promised. RAM, and disk also showing satisfied information.

Second, I am a bit confuse about I/O speed that displayed. From 3 attempts of I/O test result, three of them showing inconsistent I/O speed. For example, 1st run showing 20 MB/s, second run showing 1,8 GB/s, and third run showing 743 MB/s. But based on the I/O test, I could say the VPS where I run this bench.sh script, it is likely hosted bunch of VPS already. An excessive amount of I/O process with long term period should not recommended in this case. But don’t use in production scale, it classified as slow 🙂

From the test speed download, the result looks good. With usual server activity ie. web server, database, should be fine. Though small-medium projects scale should be fine as well.


So you guys should know that they have quite bad popularity within LEB or LET. It is up to you whether you wish to trust them or trust people on discussions. Since I also run as VPS providers years back, these kind of service is kind of deal of the month. To make a profit, an oversell method will always used in this environment.


They accept common international payment ie. Paypal, Credit Card, crypto.


Though the price is quite cheap and you get what you need, but don’t expect too much for UMax Hosting. Over and over this provider listed as must-avoid-provider if you try search on Google. But I am not totally agree. You get what you need, with cheap price what to expect? So, don’t set expecation too high with low price. If you wish to get powerful server, find a quite expensive range price.

I am not affiliated with UMax Hosting and this is an honest review myself. I search single of aspect what plus and minus for particular provider that I review.


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