$1 Cheap SSD VPS by StrongHosting

After seeing some VPS providers for last weeks, there is one provider that sell $1 SSD VPS located on New York. Interesting, because they offered an SSD disk! Yes, how happy can you be, when they offering an SSD disk with faster speed than SATA. All of it, you can have it with just $1. Let’s check it out.

This host featured few times on LEB and there are so many cons that they have. But I am not totally agree until we try them, how good they are. A quick review from their words :

StrongHosting.NET is a web hosting provider that was founded by a group of web developers/coders, and it was started to solve a major problem we noticed in the hosting industry: transparency, affordability, and friendly service. It was started to fulfill this missing quality in the hosting market. We utilize top notch infrastructure and technology within certified datacenters, combined with our team of 24×7 always-available & experienced staff members in order to deliver a seamless hosting experience to our clients. What makes StrongHosting different from the rest is we’ve been in your shoes, and quite frankly – we get it. Every decision we make within the company – we ask ourselves how our clients would benefit from it first, and put ourselves in your shoes.

So to put it summary, they are group of developers that knows, how to deal with customers these days. The fact that they found a StrongHosting as a VPS provider, that means they also has a strong knowledge about system Administrator. Or at least friend of them.

So far, I don’t have any pros with them because, right now I am going to order the VPS but their MaxMind module stopped me there and marked my order as fraud. Well, that’s MaxMind of WHMCS.

My ticket still opened after I finished write this article, 10 minutes later. Let see what’s going to happen with my order.

fraud detected

If you take a look recent comments on LEB community, they have so many cons comments. The one that I pay attention was they are out of node, that’s insane. Means, everybody love their service, despite so many cons comments out there though. So currently I still wait for them for my order to be accepted and write a review for them.

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