My VPS Got Crashed After…

So previously I wrote an article about DesiVPS with $3 a month is quite worth to spend. The reason why because they are offering SSD disk which is an advantage than the others VPS providers. But sadly, I got an incident through my VPS.

DesiVPS: $3 KVM Plan in LA

Long time no see, now we are back in business and trying a KVM node plan based on Los Angeles, DesiVPS. They offer a quite cheap VPS with only $3 each month and pay $30 for annual plan. Pretty insteresting right?

Domain: .XYZ S$1.99 For 1st Year

A good news for you guys that wait for cheap domain .xyz September 2019. Today one of hosting provider located in Singapore, Usonyx, offer very cheap domain for the 1st year only. The promo is limited quantity and limited time offer. is Down

One of largest low end budget VPS listing provider, lowendbox got down since last 2 days. It is been observed by someone else (and me) as well and reported within certain forum (I forgot to list the forum name was). Until now I write these article, the site still being down.

Time4VPS Summer Sale Discounted for 50%

Good news for you guys that need cheap VPS. Introducing Time4VPS that offering 50% discounted price for VPS Linux. Refer to their FAQ page, VAT will be added to EU customers based on the member state VAT rate where the customer is located unless a valid VAT number is provided. I noticed because so many…

USB Flash Disk Format Explained

Today I am going to discuss a little about some formats that available when you plugged in USB Flash drive to one of your server or laptop (basically using Linux). In this case you are going to copy over backup files more than 100 GB to that Flash Disk. So what we can do?

$1 Cheap SSD VPS by StrongHosting

After seeing some VPS providers for last weeks, there is one provider that sell $1 SSD VPS located on New York. Interesting, because they offered an SSD disk! Yes, how happy can you be, when they offering an SSD disk with faster speed than SATA. All of it, you can have it with just $1….

Install WGET Into Windows

Ever wondering how to use wget (used by linux) can be use also within Windows environment? Don’t give up, we can use wget also within Windows environment. The installation is quite easy and fast. No need advance technical knowledge, just follow the guide accordingly.

BunnyCDN: Boost Your Website Significantly

Looking for premium CDN for your budget yet free trial? I would recommend BunnyCDN. It is not they endorse me or what, it is just their service is awsome yet very affordable in pricing. What’s more, BunnyCDN easily integrated with WordPress.